Overview of New Patient Profile Screen

Created October 16, 2018 By MDScripts

Article Summary

Overview of the Patient Profile screen and where to find functions from the old profile screen.

Background: Patient related functions are continually being added to MDScripts and over time the patient profile screen has become crowded and difficult to navigate for clients. This has lead to a reorganization of the patient profile area to better  grouping of functional areas into tabs that can be used to display additional details about patients and better support additional function such as PDMP/DUR checking, Eprescribing and future integrations. 

Patient Summary

Patient Function Tabs

Patient functions are separated into tabs for easy navigation and make finding relevant information easier
NOTE: Tabs are based on site configuration options. Not all tabs shown may be available in your site depending on settings.

Details Tab

Prescriptions Tab

Dispenses Tab

Billing Tab

Documents Tab

DUR/Allergies Tab



History Tab

Deprecated Functions

The following functions that were previously available are being phased out and are not available in the new patient profile area. Please contact support if you are still utilizing these:

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