New Drug of Concern Added: Gabapentin in Alabama

Created November 17, 2019 By MDScripts

Article Summary

As of 11/18/19 the system will now treat Gabapentin as a Drug of Concern for dispenses in Alabama. This drug will require the same information that controlled substances require to be dispensed and will be reported to the state PDMP.

Official Notice from Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners:

Gabapentin scheduled as Drug of Concern effective Nov. 18, 2019On May 15, 2019, the Alabama State Committee of Public Health voted to make Gabapentin a Scheduled V medication, effective November 18, 2019. A 6-month implementation period was allowed because of the changes required by providers, wholesalers, and distributors, including software requirement changes, increase in physical space to store controlled substances, and changes in procedures for prescribing a controlled substance. Please begin to make the necessary adjustments to meet the implementation date, November 18, 2019. Questions can be directed to Nancy Bishop, State Pharmacy Director, Alabama Department of Public Health,